Casey Feigh

Casey Feigh performs improv every Friday night at UCB Franklin with #ThrowbackFriday and monthly in From Your TV to UCB. As an actor he's appeared on What We Do in the Shadows, Together Together, Sunnyside, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Movie Show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Middle, etc. Casey directed and wrote the award-winning short film Beginner's Luck (2020), as well as Karaoke King (2017), I Will Find You (2018) and Our Dads Are Friends (2019). Casey co-created Mother Mary, a wonderful TV show you can watch if you DM him and promise not to tell CBS he showed it to you. He also has written for NBC, Comedy Central, Pop TV, FunnyOrDie and branded content for Star Wars, Vanity Fair, McDonald's, etc. For more information check out

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