Mel Cowan

Mel Cowan began performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2006, and has studied under Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, John Ross Bowie, Seth Morris, Sean Conroy and Owen Burke. He performs regularly with the long-running team Sentimental Lady and has performed in a whole mess of other shows, including thirty:30, Smug Rock Nation, Sketch Cram, The Twitter Show, Rough Cut: The Improvised Movie and The Faculty. He has been a teacher at UCB since 2012.

He has appeared in Reno 911!, Parks and Recreation, Key and Peele, NTSF:SD:SUV, and a bunch of really silly commercials. Through the magic of editing, he is the one person who dies in the beloved children's film Meet Dave, starring Eddie Murphy. He is a Texas native and a graduate from the University of Texas' film program. 

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