Rekha Shankar

Rekha Shankar is the Head Writer for CollegeHumor's Hardly Working Series. She is also known for playing Gaya the director in Between Two Ferns: The Movie, and is a contributing writer for the upcoming Netflix sketch series, Astronomy Club. She has also written for the New Yorker, McSweeney's, MTV News's DECODED, Reductress, Hari Kondabolu, Mike Kelton, and was a contributing video producer for ClickHole. She is currently on the UCBTLA Harold team, Bitchin'. You can catch her writing/performing at CollegeHumor (at or check her out every month at CollegeHumor's VERIFIED at UCBSunset and Haha, Wow! by Reductress at the Virgil. Peep her site at

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